Monday, August 31, 2015
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Buy In:  3min cardio warm up: bike/row/skip/run, then 3x: 5 jump squats, 5/side fire hydrant, 8 primal pull throughs, 8 cat/cow.

A.Front Squat deload:  5 sets of 5 at 60%

B.  Clean and Jerk:  8min to build up to 80%.  Then 5 min EMOM: 2 C&J.


10min AMRAP:

10 Wall Balls

10 Step ups

10 Toes to bar

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Buy In: 3 x: 200m row/run, 8 wall facing pvc OHS, 8 hollow rocks, 8 superman.


A1) Floor Press @30×1, 4-6 reps x 5 sets; 1 min rest

A2) Ring Rows @31×1, 4-6 reps x 5 sets; 1 min rest.

Partner WOD:


10 partner med ball passes (squat and toss – 10 total)

10 partner alternating low-five pushups (one partner holds high plank while other performs pushup, tag, then switch – 10 total)

10 partner pull ups (partner B must hang from bar while partner A completes their 5 pull ups – 10 total)

10 partner DL @65% total BW

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Buy In: 2min thoracic mobility.  then: 3 x: 30 sec kb arm bar, ITWY activation, 8 easy pull ring rows, 20 skips


A) Shoulder Press:build to a tough single

B1)2-3 strict pull ups*add wt x6; 1 min rest

B2)1-2 strict dips @31×1;1min rest


5 rounds for time:

400m Run

15 OHS

*refer back to 09/09/2014

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buy In: 10 wall angels, 5/side banded split squats, 8 banded good mornings, 8 PVC Jump squats.

Skill: BS- Build up in weight – 10min.  Then 4sets on 2min, 1 heavy (95+%)

WOD: Teams of 2:

8 sets: 85-90%

4 shuttle sprints

4 Burpees


4 Box Jumps

rest 1 min.

* person who finishes 4 shuttle tags next person on team to start, 1 min rest when partner B finishes.  switch order each set.

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Buy In: 3x: 8 Russian KB swings, 5/side single-legged KB DL, 5/side single legged DL, 5 banded DL

Skill: 15min to build to a tough single DL.  Warm up: 50%x5, 60%x5, 70%x4, 80%x3, 90%x2, 95%x1, 100+%x1

WOD: Tabata Action:  20 sec on, 10 sec rest, 8 sets (of each, alternating) total:

Pull ups


Step ups

Air squats.

*repeat from 04/20/2014

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Buy In:  3 X: 200m run, 1 wall walk up with 4-6 should taps,  6-8 shoulder pull overs, 6-8 banded row W’s, 6-8 cat/cow.

A1) Med ball Pushups, 6-8 x 6 sets; 30 sec rest.

A2) Pendlay rows: 4-6, working up in weight x 6 sets; 30 sec rest.

WOD: 6 rounds:

24 DU

10 KBS

4/side single arm KB/DB thruster


Cash Out:

4 sets:

45-60 sec high plank hold; equal rest time.

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Buy In: Triplanar Hip extension for squat hold. then, 3 x: 4/side single leg glue bridges, 4 jump squats, 8 lateral lunges, 8 primal pulls

A) Front Squats: 15 min to build to a tough single.

B) 6/side single-legged DB DL; 1 min rest

WOD: 2 sets:

1min AMRAP: PC&Press

1min rest

1min AMRAP Burpees to target

1min rest

1 min row for cal

rest 5 min. Repeat.

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Buy In: 3 x: 200m row, 8 wall facing pvc OHS, 8 hollow rocks, 8 easy pull ring rows.

Skill: Widow Maker BS- aim for 60% of 1rm to hit 20 consecutive reps. 15 min.

WOD: Partner Holleyman: * alternating rounds with your partner:

30 Rounds:

5 Wall Balls


1 Power Clean (185/125) * choose a challenging weight for you*

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Muscle Up Drills

Here is a great link to some Muscle Up progressions.

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Buy In: 2min plank hold. then: 3 x: 30 sec kb arm bar, 3 inchworm walkouts, 20 skips

A) Shoulder Press: 3 sets of 2 @90%.

B1)3-5 strict pull ups*add wt x5; 1 min rest

B2)2-3 strict dips @31×1*add wt;1min rest

WOD: “FRAN”: 21-15-9


Pull ups

*refer back to 12/12/2014

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