Good Luck to all our athletes competing at the A & R Olympic Weightlifting meet in Port Alberni Today!  We have a team of 12 representing! 

Buy IN: 3x: 20 skips, 10 pvc pass throughs, 30 sec banded hip stretch, 10 wt glute bridges.

Skill: 12 min to build to a tough 3 shoulder press.

WOD: Partner Chipper for time:
Start and finish with a 400m partner plate run (35/25)

50 partner deadlifts (285/200) (50 together)

60 wall ball tosses (6-8ft apart) (30 tosses each)

70 partner sit ups (35 each, high five at the top of each sit up)

80 burpees box jumps (40 each)

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The OPEN is Upon Us…


2014 OPEN


For the next 5 weeks all of Friday’s WOD’s will be whatever WOD is released that week for the OPEN.  Scaling and modifications to the WOD will be announced in class.  Please take a look at the CrossFit announcement of this workout to see more details :)

CrossFit Games Website

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02/26/2015….Release of the First OPEN WOD is tonight @ 5pm!

Buy In: 2 rounds: 2min cardio warm up (bike/row/run/skip), 10 hollow rocks front&back, walking on hands (freestyle or around a box), 30 sec ankle mobilization, 30 sec hip mobilization.

Skill:  12 min to work up in weight.  1 hang snatch +3 OHS complex.

20 step ups
15 sit ups
30 sec row at 85%
1rope climb
*keep it light!

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Buy In: 3 rounds: 10 squat jumps, 15 sec kb windmill, 5/side DB/KB clean and press, 10 glute bridges

Skill: Clean and Jerks:  10 min EMOTM 2 C&J @ 70%

Skill:  Good Mornings: 4 sets of 4

WOD: For Time:

50-40-30-20-10 wall balls with 10 CTB between each set.

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02/24/2015…and OPEN WOD details…


2014 OPEN

Hey Everyone,

The 2015 OPEN starts THIS week.  I wanted to clarify a few key points for those registered or still considering…

- Registration is $20….. Have you signed up yet?!
- Friday’s workout of the day will be the OPEN workout for the week (it will be released at 5pm Thursday)
- If you are registered for the OPEN we ask that you take the online judges course so that you can help with judging your fellow athletes.  Even if you took it LAST year, you are still required to take it again this year.
- The registered athletes will need to find a judge to score their workout (the coach will be a last resort as they will be required to COACH the class)
- There will be opportunities on both Sat (8am) and Sun (time to be determined based on request) to complete the WOD, but it will be your responsibility to arrange with a judge or coach.
- Score Submissions must be made by 5pm on MONDAY!!  No exceptions! 
- March 28 Discover CrossFit THIRD Annual event!  We make the final WOD into a mini in-house competition.  All athletes complete the final WOD together, on Saturday morning.  We will have local sponsors to support and donate PRIZES to the event.  Best of all, we will be getting CFN OPEN shirts for the competitors (who doesn’t like a sweet new shirt ?!)  More on this to come….
- Most importantly, remember this is going to be FUN!  A great way to compare yourself to other CrossFitters across the globe, and to see how you improve, year after year.  It is not always about placing FIRST, but about pushing your own limitations to see what you are capable of.

NEW* This year they have released a new SCALED option for the WOD’s….so, what’s your excuse?  

CrossFit Games Website

02/25/2015 WOD:

Buy In: 2x: 20 bckwd skips, 5 inchworm-primal pull through, 30 sec inversion, 8 pull overs, 10 leg raises with ankle twist

Skill: Push Press: Build to a tough single.  12 min.

Skill: 5 min EMOTM 3-5 eccentric Pull ups

WOD: 5 x 200m run, 15 KB swings, 10 HR Pushups.

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Buy In:  3x: 10 crab rocks, 15 sec L hang from bar, 10 samson stretch, 10 jack sparrows

Skill: Front Squat Cluster: 5 sets of 2.2.2 (heavier than last week)

5 min: 3-6-9-12… Power Cleans and burpees.

10 min rest.

5 min:  3-6-9-12…

Thrusters and TTB

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GOOD LUCK TO THOSE COMPETING IN THE BC Olympic Lifting MASTERS Competition today!  

Buy In:  1km group med ball run.  (groups of 5-7).
2x: 30 sec triceps mobility (rolling out/stretching), 30 sec inversion hold, 15 squat leg pattern, 30 sec ankle mobility.

Skill: Jerks: 6 sets of 4, working up in weight

WOD: 20 min EMOTM: Alternate between each exercise every min:
7 Dips
14 Front rack lunges (45/35)
7 HSPU (strict)
28 Air squats

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Buy In: coach lead shuttles. Then: 2x: 5-7 archer pushups, 30 sec prayer stretch, 30 sec goblet squat, Hip opener.

SKILL:  6 sets:  6-8 DB bench/banded resistance pushups, 6/side single arm  bent over DB row


2x 8 pull ups 8 wall balls. On 3 min.

2 x 10 Pull ups 10 wall balls. On 6 min.

2 x 12 Pull ups 12 wall balls. On 9 min.


Cash Out: accumulate 3 min in plank hold.  STRETCH: Quads, lats, Chest.

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Buy In: 2x: 2 min bike/row/run warm up, 10 primal pull throughs, 10 wt lateral lunges, 10 breath kb/db arm bar, 5/side L-seated DB press (choose a LIGHT weight)

Skill: OHS: 10 OHS E2M for 12 min. (115/75)  (from the racks)

30 sec Power Cleans into 30 sec Burpees. On 2 min rest. X 3

30 sec S2OH into 30 KB swings. On 2 min rest.  X 3.

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Buy In:   2x:10 hollow rocks front and back, Hamstring+Adductor stretch,  5 cartwheels, 5/side glute hip thrusts click here for demo

Skill:  Good Mornings: 5 sets of 5 (go slow and use more of a warm up)

Skill:  Clean pulls: 5 sets of 5, working up in weight

50 Box Jumps into 100DU.  Rest 5 min.
50 KB swings into 100DU. Rest 5 min.
500m Row – hard- into 100DU.

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