Day 18 Fit-Mas Challenge: 40 HSPU… That’s a lot, might as well eat some chocolate after ;)

Mobility:  5-7 band lat activation, 10 wt glute bridges, 10 straight leg raises, triplanar hip extension.

Wendler: Deadlifts week 3

WOD: For Time: (95/65)
7 bear complex, 20DU
6 bear complex, 40 DU
5 bear complex, 60 DU
4 bear complex, 80 DU
3 bear complex, 60 DU
2 bear complex, 40 DU
1 bear complex, 20 DU

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Day 13 Fit-Mas Calendar: 60 Burpees!

Skill: Wendler Make-up OR 5 sets of 3 snatch from the blocks, working up in weight.

Wall Balls
Box Jumps
*Each partner starts on different exercise, partner that finishes first and is waiting for partner to finish their set does AMRAP pushups until partner is ready to switch.

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Day 16 Fit-Mas challenge: 35 pull ups (mix it up, try some ring rows!)

Mobility: 10 kb windmill,  10 breathes on prayer stretch,  20-30sec hang from bar, HS hold drills

Skill: Shoulder Wendler Week 3: 75%x5, 85%x3, 95%x1+

WOD: 3 individual sets on 3 min rest
KB swings
KB hop burpees
Rest 3min.

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Day 15 Fit-Mas Challenge:  Squats….200!  (remember, you can use your Wendler Back squats towards your reps!)

Mobility: 20 sec hamstring stretch, 20 sec adductor stretch, 30 sec goblet squat, 10 glute bridges with weight, 10 easy pull through ring rows.

Skill: Back Squat Wendler week 3:  75%x5, 85%x3, 95%x1+

WOD: 15 min AMRAP: 400m run, 15 pull ups,  400m run 15 dips/5MU.

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Day 14 Fit-Mas Challenge!

…… 35 HSPU….. Make it into a WOD…
5 rounds:
7 HSPU (or pike or reg pushups if needed)
7 sit ups
7 squats

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Day 13 Fit-Mas Challenge:  40 Burpees….then eat a piece of chocolate ;)

Warm up:  3 sets: 50 single skips, 5 inchworm pushups, 10 easy pistols (box target/wt), 3 wall walk ups.

Wendler Make up
10 min: to build to a tough turkish get up

10min AMRAP:
6 Burpees
8 Box Jumps
10min Rest
10min AMRAP:
10 KB swings
20  walking lunges
30 sec plank hold

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12/12/2014 – FRAN THROWDOWN!


Day 12 Fit-Mas Challenge: 4 min plank hold

Mobility:  30 single unders, KB arm bar (10 breathes per side), Prayer stretch, 10 primal pull throughs.

Skill:  Wendler Push Press

Full Body Mobility: 10 russian KB swings, 10 weighted glute bridges,  Handstand walk drills, goblet squat (30 sec), Pull up hang (20 sec).

WOD: FRAN- OFF:  Find a buddy and challenge them to a fran throwdown.   Each person will need a judge.   We will run Fran during the morning classes as well as between 4:30-6:30 before the Chirstmas party.

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Day 11 Fit-Mas Calendar: 30 dips

Mobility: 15 single leg squat pattern, 10 straight leg raises with core activation, 1 min tissue prep

Skill: Wendler Deadlift

Mobility: Day 21: 3-5 sets: 30 sec lat tissue prep, 1 conan, jerk for load.

WOD: 12 min EMOTM:
2 Clean & Jerks  @ 75–80%

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Decemeber 2014 CFN Newsletter

logo  Dec Newsletter

What’s Happening / Events

CFN Annual Christmas Pot Luck! Plus FRAN ThrowDown
Join us at CFN from 4:30-6:30pm for the FRAN ThrowDown (find someone to battle out Fran with!).  Heat schedule will be at CFN closer to date.
Gather around 7pm at Coach Bean’s (aka, Ruth) for our Pot Luck and sock/sweatband exchange (please wrap your gift, we will start this around 8pm).  Sign up at CFN so we know what kind of delicious food to enjoy :)
jingle kb

Classes have been filling up which is great to see!
In response to a consistantly busy days, we have added some new class times! 5:30pm Friday WOD, we are going to add a 4:30pm WOD on Fridays as well.

HOLIDAY HOURS: Please note regular classes will resume outside of these dates:

Dec 24 (Wed): 6:30am WOD(Katie), 8-9am WOD, 9-10am Open Gym
Dec 25(Thursday): CLOSED
Dec 26(Friday):  TBA
Dec 31: ((Wed): 6:30am WOD(Katie), 8-9am WOD, 9-10am Open Gym
Jan 1:(Thurs) TIME TBA Run Westwood and polar bear dip!
Jan 3: 10am will be a BRING A FRIEND PARTNER WOD! 
Jan 5: resume regular schedule. 

The Wendler Program is back!  For those of you new or have never done a full cycle on the Wendler, here are some key points: 

  • Start light (round down)
  • Progress slowly (always leave at least 1 left in the tank)
  • Each training cycle lasts 4 weeks.
  • You will train 2-4 days per week (depending how often you come)

• Always use 90% of your 1RM for all calculations
*The first week you will do 3 sets of 5 reps (3×5).
• The second week you will do 3 sets of 3 reps (3×3).
*The third week you will do 1 set of 5 reps, 1 set of 3 reps and 1 set of 1 rep (5/3/1).
• The fourth week you will do 3 sets of 5 reps (3×5). This is an easy deload week.
* On the LAST set you will always aim for as many GOOD reps as possible

Member Spotlight

 We would like to shine some light on ALL CFN members for your ongoing support and dedication to the box!  In less than 2 months CFN will be celebrating it’s 4 YEAR anniversary and we cannot thank our all of our athletes and supporters enough for making it here.  

From jumping to that first strict pull up, single under to double under, ring dips to muscle ups, 35 pounds to 100 pounds, it is always amazing to watch you all succeed.  With CrossFit there is always something to work towards and I know I speak for all the coaches when I say how inspired we are from watching you all grow to stronger and faster athletes.

On top of your growth in the gym, you have all shown what the true spirit of CrossFit and Community really is. Each event we have put on has been met with great attendance and joyful spirits. We have all shared many laughs and created good memories all while raising some funds and food for great causes.  Looking forward to another great year!


Month Challenge

December Fit-Mas Advent Challenge!  Be Sure to keep an eye on the website for the Daily Fit-Mas Advent Challenge!   

Month Stretch / Tip

30 for 30 Challenge nearing 30 days!
We have received some really rewarding feedback from our 30 for 30 mobility challenge.  We hope that you gained some more knowledge and understanding on what YOUR body needs in prep for certain movements.  We will be continuing to program different mobility and mobilization exercises each day and encourage you to keep doing the exercises that work for YOU on a daily basis.  

To help you remember these exercises, we want to hear your favourites and why they work for you.  From this we will create a CFN Mobility/Mobilization reference board.  Place your favourite exercises in the draw box at CFN and be entered to win a 1 week extension to your membership!

Milestones & New Members

Congratulations to our new Members that completed their ON Ramp in November!

It’s quite rewarding to see your name alongside a skill you have recently improved upon.  It allows us to reflect on progress and development.  With our MAX DL, BS, SP week we saw some HUGE PR’s on this month’s PR board :)  Congrats to everyone who reached outside their comfort zone and surprised themselves this month!

Nov 2014 PR

save date

Mark your Calendars:

Dec 12, Fri:
Christmas Pot Luck at Ruth’s house!
Jan 1: Westwood Run and Polar Bear Dip!
Jan 3: Bring a Friend Partner WOD! 

Recipe of the Month:

1/2 cup molasses
1/4 cup maple syrup
3 tbsp palm shortening but I use 1 tbsp coconut oil and 2 tbsp ghee it gives it a beautiful flavour
1 tbsp coconut milk
3 cups almond flour (thank god for Costco!!)
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp ground ginger
1/2 tsp ground cloves
1/2 tsp ground nutmeg
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp baking soda
Preheat oven to 350 ( I bake in my little convection oven with rotating base it works great
In a saucepan heat molasses to a boil. Keep stirring
Add maple syrup, ghee and coconut oil, and coconut milk to saucepan
Stir ingredients until cbined and remove from heat
In a small bowl combine dry ingredients
Pour dry ingredients into wet and stir until fully combined
Freeze dough for 45min to 1 hour ( I also freeze cookie cutters so dough cuts without sticking– it will save you swearing a bit :-) )
Roll dough between two pieces of parchment paper about 1/4-1/2 in thick. Don’t do them too thin
Cut with cookie cutters of choice
Bake 10 min on parchment lined sheet
You can decorate with those delicious chocolate chips or whatever you like!


Get your WODBOOK!
WOD books



FB like

www. nanaimocrossfit.ca

info@ nanaimocrossfit.ca

Mailing address: CrossFit Nanaimo
2030 Boxwood Rd
Nanaimo, BC,V9S5W7


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Day 10 Fit-Mas Calendar: 30 Pull ups

Mobility: Day 13: roll out lats/triceps (30 sec/side),  KB windmill,  5 strict pull ups at hardest level.

Skill: Shoulder Press OR Snatch Balance 5 sets of 5

WOD: 2 sets:
2.5min: 200m row into amrap BJ.
Rest 2.5 min.
2.5min 75 DU into AMRAP Pushups.
Rest 2.5min.

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