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Welcome to the CFN monthly newsletter where we profile new and spotlight members, upcoming events, monthly challenges and the best stretches and recipes!

What’s Happening / Events

We will continue with Tues/Thurs Open gym from 9-11am over the summer. 

Friday, Aug 14 WOD & Social: 
Something cool.  Details to be determined!

3-2-1 Go Wrap Up

Congratulations to all those that competed in our 3rd annual 3-2-1 GO in-house comp!    The athletes tested both their physical and mental limitations during 4 workouts and should all be very proud of their accomplishments.   It is events like this that really brings people together, whether its helping with getting set up, cheering each other on, or sharing a cold one with after the events ;) A special thanks to all those that stepped up and helped out this day (especially covering for Katie while she was busy at emerge), and of course Julie and her parents for hosting the BBQ!  This day would not have been such a success without all your help – this is what community fitness is all about!


Member Spotlight

Our Member Spotlight this month is going to shine some light on the male and female that were nominated for the “Courageous Soul” awards from our 3-2-1 GO in-house competition.  Way to go Anne Harris and Gabe Hanssens for pouring your souls out at this event!  They were both nervous and took some ‘encouraging’ to even register for the event.  However, it wasn’t far into the day that they both PR’d their lifts and surprised themselves at just how well they can do when they push just outside their comfort zones!  Well done you two!

WHY you started CrossFit (and how long you have been CF’ing):
I started Crossfit because I wasn’t getting the results I wanted from going to a regular gym on my own. After the intro workout had me on the floor for a while, I thought Crossfit will definitely help me reach my goals. I have been doing Crossfit for just over a year.
WHAT you do for a living:   I’m a Marine Engineer on the ferries.
Favourite exercise: Anything heavy. Back Squats or Deadlifts
Least Favourite exercise: Burpees
Most memorable moment at CF:3-2-1 Go in July.  Can anyone forget Thrusters, Burpees and Rowing in the same WOD? Being voted Courageous Soul was amazing. Special thanks to Coach K for convincing me to go and fellow crossfitters for helping me get through those workouts. Overall it was a fun day with everyone cheering each other on and lots of PRs.
What you do OUTSIDE of CF / How CF plays a role in your life:Outside of crossfit I like to take my dirt bike out for a ride whenever I can.  I’ve noticed a huge difference in riding this year because of CF. I can stay out on the trails longer without being tired and dragging my bike out of the trees isn’t as tough anymore. Crossfit plays a huge role in my life now.  I find I am more active than before CF and I make much healthier food choices.  Lifting heavy stuff at work is kind of fun now.

WHY you started CrossFit (and how long you have been CF’ing):  I started CF about a year ago. A foot injury caused me to cut back on my long distance running. I had a personal trainer at the gym but that became routine and boring. My niece kept telling me to try crossfit, so I finally listened and gave it a try, I wish I listened to her earlier!
WHAT you do for a living:  I am a pharmacy technician at Costco. I also work occasionally in the tire shop where I put some of my crossfit skills to the test throwing tires around.
Favourite exercise:  I can’t say I really have one favorite but, I do really like shoulder press, and push press, lifting over my head makes me feel bad ass.
Least Favourite exercise: Wall balls, enough said.
Most memorable moment at CF: Everyday is memorable for me at CF, because everyday is a new challange I am doing things I never thought I could. But to pick one I would say the 3-2-1 go competition.  I was pretty scared at first but everyone was so supportive and it was a great atmosphere I ended up totally suprising myself as to how strong and confident I am becoming. It also made my niece very proud.
What you do OUTSIDE of CF / How CF plays a role in your life:  CF has made me a stonger runner, hills seem so much easier now. I wish I was 30 years younger and could have a do over on all the marathons I have run!  Outside of work, running, crossfit, and playing with friends I like to find a nice sunny spot and have some quiet time reading a good book.

Month Challenge…


Let’s get outside and enjoy the fabulous summer weather we get here on the west coast!  A challenge like this is great for those of you taking holidays as well…you can RUN anywhere;)
How it works: 
Challenge yourself to run “X” amount of distance over the month. Choose your zone and….3-2-1- GO!

RX = 60K(2K per day)
Z1 = 45K (1.5K per day)
Z2 = 30K (1K per day)
Broken up however the person wants, including the running in WOD’s.
Track your progress on the chart at CFN.
*NEW – check out the running tips below…remember, running is a SKILL, just like kb swings and cleans…it takes warm up, technique work, and practice! 

Month Stretch / Focus

With the annual Aug run challenge coming up…

A) Start with neutral body POSITION, arms at 90, butt and belly tight – establish Figure ’4′ position.
B) LEAN slightly forward and presume with Figure ’4′ position while running.
C)“PULL” with hamstring; heels lift straight up inseam toward butt.

Warm up Drills:
- inchworm into lunge both sides + stand from squat
- Duck walk
- Skipping – focus on getting tall & vertical, as well as forward for distance
-Bear Crawl – both forward and reverse
- Grapevine/Karaoke warm up
- jump rope, practice running with jump rope.

Milestones & New Members

Congratulations to our new Members that completed their ON Ramp in July: Steve, Madison, Cathy, Laura, and Jon!   Be sure to introduce yourself to them as they start participating in group WOD’s!

July2015 on ramp


save date

Mark your Calendars:

Aug 3, Monday: 8am and 5:30pm WOD only. 
Aug 14, Fri: CFN Social – TBD
Sept 7, Monday: 8am and 5:30pm WOD only. 


We need to vote on a saying/phrase for our next order of T-shirts.  Find the whiteboard at CFN to mark down your fav quote and VOTE!

Recipe of the Month: Paleo Crunch Bars

Paleo Krunch bars:

1/2 cup Raw Pumpkin Seeds
1/2 cup Pecans
1/2 cup Shredded (raw, unsweetened) Coconut
3/4 cup Almond Meal
1/2 cup Raw Sunflower Seeds
tsp Cinnamon
1 tsp Pure Vanilla Extract
1/4 cup Coconut Oil (plus a little to grease the pan)
1/4 tcup Honey
*I added 2 scoops of protein powder to this recipe and it turned out well.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
Grind the pumpkin seeds, pecans, and coconut in a food processor until it’s a coarse flour.
In a large mixing bowl  , combine the pumpkin/pecan/coconut flour with the almond meal and sunflower seeds.  Use your hand.  This is also when you add the cinnamon.
Add in the vanilla and the coconut oil stir with a spatula until the mix is evenly coated.
Add the honey and fold the mixture together until it is consistent throughout.
Next, add a small amount of Coconut oil to your baking pan  (8×12 works pretty well) and spread with a paper towel until it’s evenly greased.
Put the mix in the pan and press it in until it is even and spreads to all the sides.
Bake for  about 15-20 minutes.  Keep an eye on it though.  Once it is golden brown and the aroma fills your kitchen, it’s ready.  Remove it from the oven and use the spatula to cut it into 20 bars.  Let it cool though before you take them out of the pan.  ENJOY!



Get your WODBOOK!
WOD books


“Never have I been to a place that allows me to meet and exceed all my fitness goals; all the while doing it with a bunch of awesome like minded athletes.





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08/01/2015 – Bring a Friend Partner WOD!

Warm up: complete 3 rounds of CFN Warm up:  Samson Stretch, Pushups, sit ups, air squats, ring rows/jump pull ups.

Review WOD movements and set up.

WOD:  14 min Partner AMRAP: *alternate between exercises (partner does does pushups then partner b does step ups, A does ring rows….both run together, then partner B starts with pushups in second round.
Parter A: 7 pushups
Partner B: 7 step ups / box jumps
Partner A: 7 ring rows / pull ups
Partner B: 7 air squats
Partner A: 7 stationary lunges
BOTH:200m med ball run together
Partner B then starts second round from the pushups.

*refer back to March 1/15.

Cash Out: Tabata Plank Holds

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Buy In: 10min: 30 sec Kb arm bar, ITWY activation, 10 primal pull throughs, 10 easy pull through ring rows.

Skill: 12 min Hang Cleans: 5 sets of 5, working up to 75%.

Skill: 10 min Clean Pulls: 5 sets of 4-6, working up to 100%.

Skill: run drills


10 sets:

20 DU

5-7 HSPU

rest 1 min b/t

*score = fastest/slowest

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Buy In: Triplanar Hip extension + hammy&adductor stretch (instead of squat hold)  THEN: 3x 30 sec goblet squat, 10 wt glue bridges, 10 squat jumps.

Skill: Box Back Squats: 5 sets of 6-8, work up to 60% BS.

Skill: Run drills


For Time: 18-15-12-9-6-3 Wall Balls and Pullups

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Buy In: 10min: 30 sec HS hold, 8 pull overs, 10 shoulder pass throughs with pvc, 10 wall facing OHS

Skill: 15min Snatch tech: 5 min to work up in weight.  10min EMOM 1 hang snatch + 1 full snatch. (75-80%)


10 min max EMOM, increasing reps by 1 every min.

1 Box Jumps

1 KB swings

5min rest

10min max EMOM, increasing reps by 1 each min

1 DL (185/135)

1 HR Pushups

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Buy In: 30 sec eagle stretch, 10 primal pull throughs, 5 jump pull ups, 5 cuban press (light)

Skill: 10min EMOM 2 tough(90%’ish) strict Shoulder press.


5 sets:

12-15 Cal Row


5 CTB Pull ups

5 Dips

Rest 2 min b/t

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Buy In: 4 min roll out quads.  then 10min:  2x inchworm+3 pushups+10 sec lunge, 8 jack sparrow, 8 jump squat, 8 russian KB swings.


A1. 5 sets Front rack walking lunges x 10 steps total. 135/95.

A2. 5 sets weighted glute bridges x 8 reps.



Thrusters and Burpees. 95/65

rest 10min


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Buy In: 3 rounds (not for time):  1 length heel swipes, 1 length duck walk. 15 jumping jacks, 10 jump squats, 10 jump lunges. 

WOD: Partner Lumberjack 20 +:

20+ DL (185/130) 

while partner runs 200m

20+ KB swings

while partner runs 200m

20+ OHS (95/65)

while partner runs 200m

20+ Burpees

while partner runs 200m

20+ Pull ups

while partner runs 200m

20+ BJ (24/20)

while partner runs 200m 

*each partner completes the exercises before moving onto next.

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Buy In: 10 min: 8 squat jumps, 8 pull overs, 8 russian KB swings, 10 sec hollow rock/hold front and back.

Skill: Good Mornings: 5×5

WOD: Clean& Jerk EMOM:

5 sets: 3 C&J @75% every 60sec

3 min rest

5 sets: 2 C&J @85% every 90 sec

3 min rest

5 sets: 1 C&J @90-100% every 2min.

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Buy In: 10 cat/cow, 5 x1/2 man makers (pushup-row-row-pushup), 30 sec prayer stretch, 10 superman.


A1) 6 sets of 4-6 Floor Press @moderate wt.

A2) 6 sets of 4-6 Pendlay Rows @ moderate wt.

*use same bar

WOD: 4 sets:

250m Row

15 KB swings

10 burpees with max vert jump.

rest 2 min b/t sets.

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