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Buy In:  Junkyard Dog partner warm up.  2min amrap each partner.  THEN: 2min hip mobility, 2min banded shoulder distraction, 10 straight leg raises per leg.

Skill: 5 sets of 5 good mornings OR Wendler deload makeup.

WOD:  20min Partner AMRAP: Alternate between exercises, Partner A starts with 15 WB, Parter B does 15 KB, Partner A Lunges etc, keep alternating exercises.  Only one person working at a time.  At 10min marker partners head out for a 400m partner run together.

15 WB

15 KB

15 Stationary Lunges

15 hollow rocks

15 Air squats

15 Dips

15 Pull ups

@min 10 400m partner run.

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April-May 2015 Newsletter

logo Apr-May’15 Newsletter      

Welcome to the CFN monthly newsletter where we profile new and spotlight members, upcoming events, monthly challenges and the best stretches and recipes!

What’s Happening / Events

First Annual In-house HercFit Oly Competition:
Congrats to our 16 lifters who came out to participate in our first annual HercFit Challenge on Saturday, April 25.  These athletes have been training as a team since February and are a great example of how time and dedication to the sport really pays off!  Big thanks to our supporters, loaders, photographer, head official and head coach!  

HercFit Challenge -team

BC Junior Weightlifting Championships:
Big shout to to Sonny (aka Jason R) for competing in this years BC Junior championships and walking away with a GOLD medal!  This was a WELL deserved award as Sonny challenged himself and made all 6 of his lifts.  His final snatch was 65KG (143lbs), and Clean and Jerk was 86KG (189lbs)….both Personal Bests!  Big thanks to all our helpers and supporters that made this event run so well! 

CFN Mount Benson Hike:
On Saturday May 16 lets get a group together to hike up Mnt. Benson!  Approximate meeting time will be 11:30 at Witchcraft Lake.  Calling all levels and abilities!  We will stick in ‘packs’ and tackle it all the way up to the top.  Sign up list at CFN.  


3-2-1- GO In-House Comp:  This will be our 3rd annual 3-2-1 Go competition.  We are looking at running it on Saturday, July 25 so save the date and talk to Katie so we can get an idea for numbers!

Rowing 101 with Spencer: Join us for a rowing clinic with Spencer Crowley as he walks us through the fundamentals of rowing: Thursday, May 21, 7:30pm. SIgn up on Mindbody.   Spencer has an extensive background in Rowing, competing at both National and World levels (even selections group for the 2012 Olympics!).  He is currently an assistant coach at the Nanaimo Rowing Club and eager to spread his knowledge and passion of rowing.  


What another amazing OPEN year!  This year we had 39 athletes registered, which is more than double our previous years’ registration!  From lifting heavy weights under fatigue, to classic benchmark WOD’s, and finally a killer lung burner, mental challenging WOD, the OPEN really covers all aspects of fitness.  Everyone that entered, and even those those didn’t register but followed along, all challenged themselves in one way or another.  From picking up a weight they never thought possible, to getting their first muscle up, the Open helps us tap into the unknown and push ourselves to a whole new level! Until next year everyone, keep working on your ‘goats’, set some goals, and continue being the stellar athletes you know you CAN be!
* Be sure to check out the photo gallery on the website for some great photo’s taken from our Discover CrossFit event!  Big thanks to Janna and Dana for helping us capture these moments :)  



We would like to not only shine some light but also say farewell and good luck to Brock Hoyt. Brock has been an amazing role model for our community; a hard worker, smart decision maker and positive attitude!  This kind spirited guy will surely be missed as he moves to Edmonton to continue his studies and build his work portfolio!  


WHY you started CrossFit (and how long you have been CF’ing):I started to do CrossFit because a good friend of mine opened up my hometowns first box. Having come from a competitive sporting background, going to an ordinary gym never seemed to quite cut it. CrossFit has that individual yet community atmosphere that I like when it comes to a sport. I’ve been doing CrossFit on and off for two years.

WHAT you do for a living:I am a full-time student.One who’s looking to get back into working in the Recreation field.

Favourite exercise:Hands down, my favourite movement is cleans. High cleans, hang cleans… I like them all!

Least Favourite exercise:Thrusters.  

Most memorable moment at CF:It’s hard to define one moment at CFN. Generally, heading to the box is the highlight of my day. It means I don’t have to worry about school, I can put work aside, and I get to focus on myself while encouraging my fellow athletes. I do have two that do come to mind though. One is the clean/burpee workout we did in January, and Carol was yelling at me the whole time and completing my burpees with me. She wasn’t the only one, every one had someone cheering for them and going through it with them. CFN has cultivated a great community of support, and it’s awesome to see it in action! The seccond is someone had burpee dues, and there were about 4-5 of us who did them all with them. Again, another demonstration of awesome community support.

What you do OUTSIDE of CF / How CF plays a role in your life:When I’m not at the box, or school, or work, you can find me around Westwood, or at Aladdin’s Cafe, or vegging out on Netflix. With the nicer weather, I’m more likely to be out hiking somewhere!

Month Challenge


A strong core is a HUGE component to everything we do.

CHALLENGE: Add 30 seconds of plank a day,  for the month of May (EXCLUDING SUNDAYS – this is your rest day). By the end of each week this is where you should be at:
May 9: 4 min
May 16: 7min
May 23: 10min
May 30: 13 minutes (final day)
Remember, your planks should be switched up every 15-30 sec, and can be accumulated however you like throughout the day.

Month Stretch / Tip

As we continue on with our Wendler Strength building for May, we will direct some focus on mobility to help us achieve optimal range of motion, specifically for the Squat and Press.  
Back Squat:PreWOD Mobility (to do BEFORE class starts)
-Banded Hip Extension:  Hook your leg through the band and step back to create tension.  Squeeze your butt to protect your lumbar spine, and extend same arm to get more out of the top front of your hip.
-Glute smash with lax ball: position a lax ball on side of hip and tack it down with underlying muscle while dropped your knee to the mat.  In addition, you can try to slowly roll side to side across your glute. 

Overhead Press:
-T-Spine Smash with lax ball/roller: Position double lax ball/roller into specific segment of your upper spine.  Raise arms above your head, keeping midline engaged, elbows locked out, and armpits facing forward. Roll side to side or up down (minor movements). * anchor hands under barbell/weight to add overhead extension bias.
-Super Front Rack /Triceps- put arm through band and hook the strap around your elbow.  Walk forward to create tension, keeping your ribcage down with a tightly engaged midline. 

Milestones & New Members

Congratulations to our April On Rampers: Lia, Farrah, Chris, Michael, Chad, Stu and Maria!  Be sure to introduce yourself to them as they start participating in group WOD’s!

NEW PR BELL!  More incentives to RECORD your weights so you can track your progress and CELEBRATE your personal records :)
PR Bell

save date

Mark your Calendars:

May 1-31: May Plank Challenge

May 2, Sat, 9-10am: Free intro Class – Tell your friends!

May 16, 11:30am: 
Mnt Benson Hike

May 21, Thur, 7:30pm: Rowing 101 with Spencer

May 23, Sat, all day: NCCP Level 1 Weighlifting Course

May 29-31: CrossFit Regionals – Tacoma Washington

July 25, Sat: 3-2-1 GO comp…to be confirmed.

Recipe of the Month:
Chicken Pineapple Meatballs!

1 lb (454 g) ground chicken
⅓ cup crushed pineapple, drained
¼ cup minced red onion
2 tsp onion powder
1 tsp sea salt
½ tsp black pepper
¼ tsp red pepper flakes
Preheat your oven to 350F. Line a baking sheet with foil or parchment paper.
Combine all the ingredients in a medium bowl, and mix with clean hands to combine. Don’t overwork the meat because it’ll end up making for tougher meatballs.
Using a small scoop (2 tablespoon disher so they all end up roughly the same size) carve out a 2 tablespoon portion of the mixture. Gently roll into a ball and place on the baking sheet. Repeat this with the rest of the meat.
Bake for about 15 minutes or until the meat is cooked through.
*Serve sprinkled with some smoked paprika or with homemade BBQ sauce for dipping
-Visit Stupid Easy Paleo website for more great recipes! 

Get your WODBOOK!
WOD books


 ”People think CrossFit is only for the DIE HARD Fitness Finatics; but in actuality, its great for all people who are just beginning to learn fitness all the way to people that choose it as a lifestyle.”  -Russ





FB like

www. nanaimocrossfit.ca

info@ nanaimocrossfit.ca

Mailing address:
CrossFit Nanaimo
2030 Boxwood Rd
Nanaimo, BC,V9S5W7


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MAY PLANK CHALLENGE STARTS TODAY:  Add 30 sec of plank/day, Mon-Sat…Take Sundays off. 

Buy In: 10min: 10 primal pull throughs, 10 easy pull through ring rows, 10 sec support hold on rings/box, 5 cartwheels, 30 sec ankle mobilization.

Skill: Wendler Deload Push Press/Shoulder Press

WOD: 4 rounds for time:
20 DB snatch(alternating)
40 DU’s
400m Run

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Buy In: Partner Rolling with burpees (2-3 tries each).  then2x: hammy/adductor stretch, 5-7 lat activation, 10 bird dogs, 10 hollow rocks.

Skill: Wendler Deload DL OR Front Rack step ups, 4 sets of 4-6 steps/side

Skill:  Power Cleans – review skill, warm up to just above WOD weight.

WOD: “4 sets:
20 sec PC(115/80) into 20 sec Burpees into 20 sec shuttle sprints.
Rest 3min.
(0-1:00,  4-5, 8-9, 12-13)

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Buy In:  5/side single leg glute bridges, 10 leg raises with ankle twist, 5 burpee broad jumps, 10 wall angles

Skill:  Wendler Deadlift Deload

Skill:  Split Squats: 3 sets of 5 reps/side

WOD: 5 Rounds For Time:
12 Box Jumps

9 DL

6 Push Press

*EMOTM 3 pushups

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Buy In: 3 rounds: 1 length bear crawl, 6 pull overs, 30 sec kb windmill, 10 pushup burpees.

Skill: Should Press DELOAD week 4

Skill: 8min EMOTM 2 wt Pull ups

WOD: 20min EMOTM, alternate between the following:

A) 1 rope climb

B) unbrkn strict HSPU

C) 10 TTB

D) unbrkn dips

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Buy In: 10min: 1 min skipping practice, 30 sec kb windmill, 10 barbell glute bridges, 6/side single arm ring row

Skill: DELOAD week 4 for Wendler Back Squat

Skill: Snatch complex:  10min to work on 3 Power Snatch.

WOD: 3 rounds: 15 thrusters, 15 Burpees

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Come check our Oly club, HercFit United,  throwdown during our first in house competition, 12:30pm start! Everyone welcome :)

Buy In: 15min: 6-8 single-legged DL/side, 6-8 bent over single arm DB rows, 30 sec HS practice, 1 rope climb, 1min mobility prep – focus on what needs attention!

WOD: Teams of 3: 5 sets of each: 90 sec AMRAP; 30 sec rest/transition:
A)sled push + plank hold

B) tire flips; one after another

C) 4 shuttle sprints between partners (that are holding squat hold)

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Buy In: 10min: inchworm plus 3-5 scap retracts x 5, 30 sec thoracic mobility, 1 min/shoulder lax ball work, 10 glute bridges, 10 easy pull through ring rows, 10 squat jumps.

Skill: Wendler Push Press week 3

WOD: PARTNER WOD: 5 rounds:
10 cal row parnter does HS hold, switch,
20 piston burpees(10 each),
40 DU and plank,switch,
20 partner ball tosses(10 each),

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Buy In: same as Wednesday. Plus 1 min plank hold.

Skill: Wendler DL week 3
Skill: Alternate between A1 & A2
A1) 5 sets: front rack walking lunges, 12 steps
A2) 5 sets: Good Mornings, 5 reps, building to 75%of Snatch for last set.

12-15min: Snatch complex: 10min EMOTM 3 hang snatch@65%.

12-5min:  500m Row.  Rest 2.5-5min.  500m Row.

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